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Just Like Home...

 is in compliance with the Office of Child Development and is a Keystone Stars II facility.


welcome to just like home daycare center, inc.

Just Like Home Daycare is a unique, child-initiated center that believes in providing a home-like environment for the children in our care. 


We believe in the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of each child while promoting self-esteem, enhancing creativity, and recognizing individuality. 


We believe in carefully selecting staff that will share their special spirit of cooperation, dedication, and a genuine concern for the quality childcare we provide our own families.  That is why we are….        

                                                                        JUST LIKE HOME!!!

childcare fun facts

Just Like Home Daycare was established in October 1993 as a childcare center; regulated by the Office of Child Development, Daycare Division (OCD), our daycare operates under the federal, state, and local laws.


Initially, Just Like Home Daycare was constructed to care for 42 children. However, in the spring of 1995 we expanded our capacity to a building maximum of 58 children; in 2003, after much thought and consideration, we decided to construct a new summer care program designed specifically for school-age children. Then, we moved into a new location: a fully licensed center with a capacity of 42 children. After extending our original facility's capacity again, we were able to move the school-age program back to our main center.


 In 2005, the Beaver County Commissioners opened up the Friendship Ridge Facility for a child care locale. With a near-million dollar addition and re-facing, daycare providers were asked to submit a proposal for the operation of services.  After a lengthy and complicated process, Just Like Home was chosen to provide child care services at the Friendship Ridge site! We were inspected in February of 2006 for a capacity of 53 children, and expanded to said location. However, we have since moved to Vanport when the county sold Friendship Ridge to an independent buyer in 2014.


Once again, a demand for quality childcare prompted JLH to expand services to the Hopewell Township area. By May 2008, Just Like Home was near capacity; this prompted us to expand yet again. Thus, in July of the same year, our facility was examined once more, this time aiming for a capacity of 42 children. 



Just Like Home currently serves children aging from six-weeks to those entering sixth grade. JLH specializes in daycare and preschool age groups, for the early years are the key years in child development.  Our school-age programs are constructed to appeal to children above the preschool age. School-age services are available before and after school, during holiday breaks, snow days, and all-day summer care.        

We are currently a "Star Two" group of facilities. 
While working towards the next level in Keystone Stars, 
we will utilize the T.E.A.C.H. program with 
three of our outstanding staff!